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Build complex, fast and beautiful websites in no time. No coding & hassle free.

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Dorkoy is a powerful web design tool that lets you create fast, beautiful and well-structured websites in a matter of minutes and without a need to write a code. It will rapidly save time you are spending on a website, no matter if you are a designer, developer, website owner or a startup founder. You'll love using Dorkoy.

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Start with a Template

Dorkoy consists of 130+ building blocks and templates you can start using right away. Just choose blocks you like and you are all set up.


We have prepared outstandingly looking templates and blocks so you don't have to design anything.


All websites made in Dorkoy are responsive, so they offer the same experience for each visitor, on any screen & device.


Your website will be super fast, thanks to lossless compressions, lightweight codes and code structure.

Bootstrap Based

Dorkoy is based on the best website framework on the planet. We take the full advantage of it, nothing more.

Add Your Content

Upload images, change the text or embed your content from social networks. Once done, it will appear right where you'd expect.

Dorkoy Design Block Dorkoy Design Block Dorkoy Design Block Dorkoy Design Block Dorkoy Design Block


Make the site your own by changing fonts, colors, sizes and backgrounds through a customizer or edit HTM & CSS directly.

Dorkoy editor
Simple Editor

Adjust any element you want, or set up a preset for a whole project. Without code and easily.


Take a complete control of the look of you website. Edit, delete or add HTML/CSS codes.

Web Fonts

Pick the right fonts for your projects from Google web fonts library built in within our customizer.


Choose an animation from animate.css that you like and use it without any installation.

That's it, you are done

It's that easy, seriously. Now you can build a website for you, your startup or your clients. Ready?

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Everything You'd expect

+ Everything you'd expect

Find out who your visitors are, when they visit, which pages bring you the most traffic and more.

Conversion Ready

Templates are built with conversion in mind, so your website will always generate more leads and sales.


Connect Dorkoy with your hosting provider so you can manage & publish your project in real time.


Using a website is an easy process, so why not building it. Dorkoy is an ideal tool for everyone, even without coding skills.

Frequent Updates

We make sure that all features, design blocks, and all little details are always up to date. Automatically.

Human Support

Got a question? We are always here for you. We reply really quick and don't hide anything.

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