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Think of Dorkoy as an extension of your skills, which saves time and lets you build what you like.

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Don't start from scratch

With Dorkoy, You never start with a blank canvas. You just need an idea of what you want to build.

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Modular Blocks

Choose from 80+ pre-designed blocks based on common web elements. We update them regularly so your page doesn't look like a theme.

White label

Take your code and use it as you own. There is no reference to Dorkoy in the files unless you want to.

3rd Party

Connect all the fantastic services such as Mailchimp, Twitter, Youtube and others. Connect even more with Zapier (coming later 2017)

Device Preview

See how your page will look and work on any device and make edits in every preview mode.

Clean Code

Whoever sees and works with the code in the future will thank you for its cleanliness and order. Make them love ya.


Need to add something less ordinary like your js library? Sure thing, with a couple of clicks.

It's your project

Make it the way you want

You have a total control of any elements and part of your website. Period.

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You got the full control over entire HTML, CSS, and Sass files, just in case you need to access it.


Add animation triggered on scroll or load and make every element appear/disappear right when it should.


Change the way your website looks with a different UI because you never know when a client will change his mind, and it happens.

Image Manager

Crop, rotate or add a filter. With Dorkoy + Aviary integration, you can forget Photoshop and other design tools.

Inline Editing

Point, click, type, and that's it. It works as a visual CMS with a bit of magic. You better try it yourself.

Google Fonts

Choose from 800+ free fonts from a Google library and use them in your project without copy/pasting code and editing CSS.

Ready to go

Show it to the wide web

There are no obstacles when it's done. Once you're ready, just pull the trigger.

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Dorkoy Publish feature


Share a fully working preview with your client or a colleague with a password protected link.

Secure Backup

It probably won't happen, but in case your PC gets stolen or broken, your projects are still safe.

No lock-in

Export your website in pure HTML/CSS/js files so you can use any cms with it, or use it as it is.

Visual CMS

Easily change content right where you see it. It's an ideal function if you manage your client's website once they're live. No more FTP.

One click publishing

Hit the button once everything is ready and publish an entire project to any remote server via secure FTP.


Dorkoy automagically analyzes and optimizes each project resulting g in a faster loading and better search results.

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Dorkoy is an excellent website building tool for designers looking to build kick-ass landing pages or more sophisticated projects. More quickly and without the usual hassle.

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